Buds and Banter Bulletin

February 2024

Hello friends!
Hope all of you are enjoying life and staying warm!

Wasn’t our January meeting fun! Once again, Russ Barley charmed us with his creative floral designs and witty delivery! Remember to think of his company, Emerald Coast Floral Designs in Freeport if you’re sending flowers to someone. Russ has become a great friend to Green Thumb. Thank all of you ladies for purchasing the floral arrangements.

Our Arbor Day celebration was a Huge success and we had a fantastic turnout! Thank you to all who withstood the wind and cold and a special thank you to Betty White for co-chairing this event with me and to Stephanie Phillips for securing Claire Jones with Channel 7 to cover the event. Leigh Moore with Scenic Walton was our speaker and Commissioner Donna Johns was very humbled to have the Live Oak dedicated to her. A huge thank you to Hicks Landscaping and Nursery for giving us a substantial discount on our Mighty Oak.

We have a lot going on the next 4 months! Can’t wait to see y’all!
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 9:30 AM at Westwinds we will be viewing some lovely Tablescapes designed by our very talented members. We also have a Landscaping presentation from Gina from Brightview. Gina donates flowers to us for the Butterfly Garden at Eden and will share some Landscape Do’s and Don’t’s with us!
Also, if you are interested in a board position for the upcoming year or would like to nominate someone please reach out to Robbie Carroll, our Nominating Committee Chair. ALL positions are available.

Thursday, FEBRUARY 29, 2 PM – 5 PM is the District 1 Flower Show Judges Gala, “ Designing is Always a Gamble! “ Join them at the Garden Center, 11850 N, 9th Ave., in Pensacola! It is sure to be a treat and Feast for the Eyes!

Wednesday, MARCH 20, 9:30 AM Camp Longleaf in Freeport, Florida will be our destination! That’s right, we are going to Camp! Let’s see what our scholarship money offers their Summer Campers and enjoy a yummy catered lunch in their dining hall!
Carpooling and comfy shoes are recommended. Fun, Fun, Fun!

APRIL 10-12 in Jacksonville, FL, join me at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of FFGC!
District 1 is hosting this event and I would love to have some help. They have many wonderful activities planned!

Wednesday, April 17, 9:30 AM we are back at Westwinds. This month, in association with Earth Day we are “Going Green”! Master Gardener, Bill Kuentsler, with the NWFL Extension will be our speaker for the day! Many of you will remember Bill from our tour of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park a few years ago.

Wednesday, May 15, 9:30 AM is our final meeting of the year and our largest Celebration
Join your Green Thumb friends for Petals, Pearls and Prosecco as well as our GTGC Landscape Awards! We will also award our Mercer Scholarship recipient/recipients, as well as Camp Longleaf and 4- H Camps Scholarships. For the cherry on the top we will install a brand new Board of Directors! You will not want to miss this event!

Whew, I’m tired already!
I love you all so much and look forward to seeing you soon!
Remember….. We Never Walk Alone!