Board of Directors 2022/2023

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Lori Echols

Lori Echols

Carroll Walsh

Carroll Walsh

First Vice President
Donna McDaniel

Donna McDaniel

Second Vice President
Kathy Edge

Kathy Edge

Gail Pizar

Gail Pizar

Kathy Bilello

Kathy Bilello

Compliance Officer & Parliamentarian
Elizabeth Ermini

Elizabeth (Lisa) Ermini

Immediate Past President


The Green Thumb Garden Club, Inc. participates in many different activities and events throughout the year. We invite you to learn about our various committees by clicking on the [+] or titles below.

If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please contact the Committee Chair or email us at


GTGC: Green Thumb Garden Club, Inc.
FFGC: Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.
DSGC: Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc.
NGC: National Garden Clubs, Inc.

American Pride Landscape

Open Position
The Chair(s) will establish a committee of Club members who will choose entrants and judge local landscapes using the Standards for Evaluating Landscape Design as set forth by the NGC. The Chair(s) will invite a horticultural professional who will assist in the judging and winner determination. The winning landscapes are presented at the May meeting.

Annual Member Yearbook

Lisa Ermini, Chair
The Chair and Contributors work collectively to create, source content. The Yearbook contains valuable club information such as Members Directory, club history, mission statement, list of its current board members with contact information, committee descriptions and its Chairs, pertinent details regarding GTGC’s meetings and fees, and the Club’s ByLaws.

The Yearbook is an electronic document updated as needed. You will receive an email with the electronic version. The Yearbook will also reside on GTGC website.

Members may order a hardcopy of the Yearbook by contacting the Membership Chair.

For the purposes of confidentiality you are not permitted to share its contents outside of GTGC.

Blue Star Highway Marker

Marianne Burbach, Co-Chair
Gail Pizar, Co-Chair
GTGC honors our Veterans with a Blue Star Marker located at Highway 331 just north of US Highway 98. The Chair is responsible to ensure the marker is maintained and in addition places a wreath on the Marker each Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veteran’s Day.

"Buds and Banter" e-Newsletter

Lisa Ermini, Chair
The Chair will prepare and deliver to the membership the monthly GTGC bulletin, “Buds and Banter.” This communication includes meetings details and most importantly club activities that resides on the club’s website for everyone to reference.

Butterfly Garden

Marianne Burbach, Co-Chair
Gail Pizar, Co-Chair
The Butterfly Garden is located at Eden Gardens State Park. Contact the Chair to volunteer to meet regularly to maintain the garden and the beautiful fountain.

Caring and Sharing

Debbie Massey, Chair
Our Club members are very generous people who support this charity wholeheartedly. The Chair will coordinate two donation drives — Thanksgiving and Christmas — where our members will provide canned goods, paper products, checks or gift cards. Under special circumstances, such as a natural disaster, another donation drive may be organized.


Kathy Bilello, Chair
The Compliance Chair ensures that the GTGC meets all legal, regulatory, and tax requirements required by, but not limited to, local, state and federal agencies.

The Committee is responsible for developing additional compliance guidelines as needed and advising the organization’s President and Board of Directors of potential risks. The Compliance Chair will monitor adherence to the organization’s bylaws and policies and advise the President and/or Board of Directors of any inconsistencies.

The officer selects (2) standing members. GTGC Treasurer is a standing member of the Compliance Committee.

Doris Brady Sunshine Lady

Anne Collins, Chair
Our ray of sunshine Chair is responsible for sending caring handwritten notes and special handmade cards to members and members’ relatives who need a little ray of sunshine including special birthday greetings.

Eden Gardens, Wesley House Parlor

Lori Echols, Chair
The Chair represents GTGC and is responsible for creating a Christmas Theme to decorate the Wesley House Parlor. She will request a team of GTGC members to volunteer for set-up and tear down.

FFGC/NGC Award and Grant Opportunities

Betty White, Chair
The Chair(s) are responsible for searching for Club awards and grant opportunities sponsored by FFGC and NGC. The Chair and GTGC program/project teams work together to prepare and submit award applications.


Club Volunteers
The Member Volunteers secure donations from the members at the monthly meetings by selling raffle tickets to support the college scholarship and other club charities.

Silent auctions and opportunity drawings are also managed by fundraiser volunteers.

Cash and product donations are always welcome and appreciated.

Habitat for Humanity

Janet Woerner, Chair
The Chair works closely with Habitat for Humanity supporting the charity’s needs to landscape new Habitat homes.

John Horton Senior Center

Debbie Massey, Garden Coordinator
The Chair and team members will create a cohesive plan to maintain the Center’s landscape and create social events for our community seniors.

Junior Gardeners

Gail Pizar, Co-Chair
Bonnie Fox, Co-Chair
The Chair is responsible for planning programs at Butler Elementary. These are “hands-on” educational projects, including horticulture, conservation, wildlife, and ecology. The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. provides the criteria for the classroom projects.


Jan Shuttleworth, Co-Chair
Nancy Sack, Co-Chair

The Chair supports current and new members by keeping accurate membership data via the GTGC website and collection of new and annual membership donations. The Chair works closely with the Club Treasurer to deposit checks and reporting for Club donations.

In addition, the Chair will use electronic communication, including Punchbowl and website software, to request annual donations.

The Chair also prepares name tags for all Club meetings and events.

The Chair is responsible for creating FFGC reports and process dues paid to FFGC.

The Chair is responsible for collecting meeting fees at each GTGC monthly meeting and events. The Chair reconciles the expected number of attendees with the fees collected, via cash, check, and credit card. The chair is responsible for contacting any member for meeting payment when there is an unfortunate no-show. The Chair will work closely with the Treasurer.

Membership Socials

Carroll Walsh, Chair
The Chair, with assistance from member volunteers, is the GTGC Club Ambassador. Recruiting new members through social and partnership events as well as focused recruitment campaigns. The Chair creates interesting activities to promote the Club and grow the membership.

Penny Pines

Gail Pizar, Chair
The Chair is responsible for promoting GTGC participation in the National Garden Clubs, Inc. and USDA Forest Service partnership. The partnership is to sustain our national and urban forests through reforestation/forest education program. The Chair passes the penny jar at meetings and Club members contribute to the Penny Pines project. We collect the funds and prepare a report in January of each year. The funds are then donated to the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center to rebuild the Long Needle Pine Forest.

Further, GTGC sells a hardcopy version of the GTGC Yearbook at a cost of $10.00. The net proceeds are also donated to the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center.


Kathy Edge, Chair
The Chair is responsible for placing a news release in the local newspapers and publications to promote the Club. The goal is to educate the public on the GTGC community support, grow the Club membership and invite members, potential members and guests to attend the monthly meetings.

Recycling and Conservation

Gail Pizar, Chair
The Chair is responsible for collecting pop tops and wine corks for community charities. Pop tops are sent to Ronald McDonald house. Wine corks are taken to Whole Foods who in turn sends them to a non profit organization supporting the reforestation of the cork forests.

Scenic Walton

Christy Burke, Chair
The Chair works with local, state and federal organizations to support and protect the beaches and beautification of Scenic 98, 331, 30A Scenic Corridor and Scenic Gulf Drive in Walton County.

Scholarship Programs

Debbie Michel, Chair
The Mercer Scholarship is awarded to a qualified student(s) from Walton County whose academia includes
horticulture or botany. The Chair and committee are responsible for vetting applicants based upon the approved Club guidelines. The scholarship is paid directly to the college/university and the amount may vary on an annual basis as it is funded from donations collected each year through fundraisers. For additional information on scholarships available, please contact the Chair or email

Social Media & Photography

Dee Burkeen, Chair
The Chair is responsible for taking photographs at all club events, meetings and projects. The photographs will be posted on Facebook and provided to communication channels to support the marketing of the club and its events. The Chair maintains the Club’s Facebook Page.

Special Projects

Betty White, Chair
The Chair works closely with other GTGC Chairs to develop and execute community projects within Walton County that support the Club’s mission statement.

Special Events/Trips

Lori Echols, Chair
The Chair shall plan any special event or club trip including the itinerary, costs, and management of the event. The Chair will request member support and volunteers to assist in this area.

Water Conservation

Lori Echols, Chair
The Chair keeps the membership informed about condition and maintenance of the waters and wetlands of Florida. The information is provided from local, state, the FFGC, legislative and other sources.

Website Director

Kathy Edge, Chair
The Chair is responsible for the management of the club’s website and is the liaison between GTGC and the Website developer.

The Chair will provide website content to the club’s developer on a regular basis.